How to Care for Your Sneakers

One clothing accessory that remains consistent in all our commute round town is usually our favored pair of sneakers.

Sneakers have become probably the most crucial clothing accessory in of a person’s wardrobe today. It’s flexible, comfy and easy to maintain a pair of sneakers, its material and flex sole is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance.

You would agree that other shoes are given better treatment and care than sneakers because, it appears sneakers are too casual and can do fine just on their own. Sneakers are often ignored and given the reserve seat in our wardrobes.

Beyond reaching out for a deep clean due to vigorous use of our sneakers or probably dipping them in mud during play, here are very easy ways of caring for this valuable clothing accessory.

Machine Wash

Go through and check out the washing instruction label on the inner flap. You’d usually find machine wash not to say you cannot wash by hand as well. Washing your sneakers in washing machine requires basically a mild detergent, avoid using a chlorine bleach as this would ruin the bright colors. Even if your sneakers are all white, it’s safe to stay away from bleach.

Materials required: Old toothbrush, newspapers and detergent.

  • Take the laces off the sneakers and set aside.
  • Use the old toothbrush and a cleaner, remove stains if any. This is essential, to take out any hidden stain the machine may not easily reach.
  • Set cycle and use water. This is important since the heat of the garments dryer in the machine might harm the sneakers.
  • Run the washing cycle for about 18-30 minutes till semi dry.
  • To keep the sneakers in place and form after washing, stuff the newspapers into the shoes, while drying in sun.
  • Don’t forget to clean out the laces in a soapy solution separately if they are white.
  • Colored laces can tumble together with the sneakers in the machine. But take them out the sneakers first and place side by side in the washing compartment for effective cleaning.

Hand Wash

This method is easy and a fast wash way if you don’t have access to a washing machine.

Materials Required: Soap – Brush – Shoe Cleaner – Paper Towels – Sodium bicarbonate – Water

  • First take out sneaker laces as usual.
  • Now, make a solution of mild soap and then water. Nevertheless, before buying, check whether or not it’s appropriate for all sorts of shoes.
  • Use a soft bristle brush and soapy solution/cleaner, clean the sneakers inside out. Rub them well, in order to remove all the dirt. Make certain to clean the sole as well.
  • After the shoes have been properly scrubbed, keep them aside inserts and the laces.
  • If the soapy solution is already muddy and losing lather, please change to a new soap solution before inserting laces.
  • Use fresh water, rinse off of the sneakers, inserts along with laces. Ensure that the entire soap residue is fully gone.
  • Wipe of the excess water with paper towels and dry the shoes with extra paper towels, in order to preserve their original shape.

Then your sneakers would come out new with colors bright and radiating. Please avoid overdoing this as some sneakers with heavy colors fade away due to overzealous washing.

If you know other ways to preserve sneakers, please share in the comment section below.

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